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General Election; Never Ending Party.

Its not a party dol a song sing by Mc Jagger and the Rollings Stone group band. This party has corelation with food and politic phillosophy. 

In aceh to explain one or much things about activities in life make it short proverb what is in aceh we known as 'Hadih Madja'. Hadih Madja is usually use in advice human kind in unique way, soft and gentle. 

Likes this Proverb in acehnese 'Ureung Rhah Pingan bak Khauri Gob' mean a Men who has cleaning bowl and plate after party is over. 

This proverb normally used at Democraty Party in General Election in Aceh. This proverb to explain that's election party is just useful for big men, rich men, a while proletarian in the last end stay become as what as their self, no change, no chain no nothing. 

They just 'a Men Who Cleaning bowls and Plate party'. In much politic party this case always appeal but that is about current's politic stuation, might be not generally in whole state who's adopted democratic as their system way. 

But in third country likes Aceh or Indonesia as general, we don't ready yet with whole soul of democratie, our constituens are still traditional voter. Within this stuation the real good well informed person or people aren't have good opportunity to win the election. 

Belong to this fact, we just like acehnese proverb said ' sebago peserta intat Linto sagai'. Its mean we just like as carrier the Groom only. This post just opinion, please be happy.

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