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Irwandi Hope Aceh Elecion CLEAN

From Leaft: Tarmidi Karim, Irwandi Yusuf, Debrajoem

BERITABANDABARO.COM-As one of Aceh Governor candidate at Aceh Election that's will take place in 2017, He hope will going as clean election.

He mean election with no infraction and violence, He told to journalist while he induct Ismail Amin also known as Aki Rayeuk as Irwandi winnings team leader at Balai Ulama and Umara, Paya Gajah Village west peurelak sub district East Aceh district, Wednesday, March 1, 2017.

"Aceh Next Election with no crime, intimidation, terror and also money politic" told irwandi. Base on that, since 4 month ago at each village in whole Aceh irwandi had build Voulunter Team, one village one voulunter to ensure Aceh Next Election to be clean. 

If the election running clean he  convinced would appear as winner like Aceh Election in 2006 ago. So far He still not sure will use Independen way or politic party. Might be Irwandi will use nasional but if he don't ya He is going to take independent way to be Aceh Guvernor 2017 Candidate. But if he use party way the vice guvernor would came from party but if indenpendent way the vise guvernor he will choise by him self.DII.

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